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Fashion Baby

As I promised I would like to talk about fashion kids too. 
Doesn`t matter that we are parents or not, we all admire kids and especially that cute tutu dress and much more. I`ve always followed baby fashion even though I wasn't a mother or even planning to become one.
 But when fashion on babies is too much?
We all tried mama`s shoes and dresses ....yes and lipstick too, but do we forget that they are still kids and they have no interest in fashion (yet) and we should let them be comfy enough for the playground!
Always will be pros and cons about when is too much and I am curious about your opinion.

What's New Pussycat

I`m  such a childish person, even though I might get old...Oh, wait! I will for sure.
 I don't think about it...every decade is a new chapter and a wonderful experience, since we have no choice let us embrace it.
Easy to say, but more we try to hold on to the past, more depressed we get  and it`s even harder for us girls right? Those wrinkles are definitely not experience lines...are just... lines.
Every now and then I love to add some childish stuff to my wardrobe, and to my behaviour too, I can`t help it and now that I have a little girl I'm sure she would be the one who has the most benefit from it. Cannnot wait to play together.

The Colour Of My Dreams

If you had to describe a colour to someone who can`t see, how would you explain it?
Sounds quite difficult right?
We often don`t have to do that, but I`m sure whenever you think about a colour you might associate it with something am I right? It`s the same thing we do when we think about orange, we can almost taste can imagine how it would taste like, because our brain is amazing.

My RED would be like:

My WHITE would be like:

My GREEN would be like:

And my BLUE:

Fashion & Toys

"These boots are made for walking..."

Hot or not....Boots rock!

LL: Loving London

What I love about this city is that you will learn to appreciate the sun. And it`s not just me, it`s everyone. You will see people in the park laying on the grass...maybe taking a break from work or prepared a picnic with the family. It doesn't matter what your reason is, we all share the same love for...the Sun.

 Back to pregnancy pics:

And after: