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Sneak Peak Houses - The Little Ones

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10 Magical Portraits Of Kids Outdoors

When Lisa Holloway is not busy tending to her super-sized family of 12, she creates magical, fine art portraits of children, including 10 of her own. Using the golden light and majestic landscapes of rural Northwestern Arizona as her backdrop, she paints soul-seeking, ethereal images with her camera.
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Autumn Leaves

I have no idea what I`m doing...   :))

 Im done!

Shopping For a Newborn - Recommendations

What have I used since I brought my baby home? Was it useful? What do you need?
You might be tempted to spend loads of money just because it looks adorable. Some of them you will never use, you just don`t need them.
I will make a list of things that I bought and try to explain why to and why not to buy  :)
You might find this one useful too:

Sliming Belt after Pregnancy
my choice here:

Baby Cot
my choice here:
I am very satisfied with the price and value.
Drawer Chest similar here: You can put the changing mat here. You don`t need to buy a changing mat table. Changing table is much more expensive and this one works very well. I am very pleased with this cheaper choice.
Baby Sleeping B…