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Make-up Story - Adriana Lima (2)

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Mini Fashion

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Having a Baby Will Simplify Your Life

Want to be more efficient, motivated and assertive? Don't bother getting a life coach – just have a baby Pointing the way: when you have a baby you will declutter draining "friends" and engagements from your life. Photograph: Getty
What a pleasure to be keeping my colleague Eva Wiseman's page warm while she's off bringing a new life into the world. Eva is one of eight friends of mine to have babies this year. Meanwhile my youngest son is about to start nursery, his brother his third year of primary school. My pals are entering the early years of parenthood just as I'm leaving them, so I thought I would begin my new job with a thought on theirs. People talk about having children as if it's complicated. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's simple. Simple in the same way that rolling a large boulder up an enormous hill is simple: hard, but simple. Learning the difference between the two has been one of the most useful gifts parenthood has given …

Because I Love Elena

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