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Top 5 Children’s Beds

Your Child Will Never Miss Bedtime AgainIf you make their bedroom somewhere that is fun, exciting and familiar, then you will make it more comfortable and more appealing. Your child won’t be so afraid of spending the night there. This is the reason why a lot of parents incorporate their child’s favourite cartoon character into their bedroom design. 1) Go Racing. Most boys have a need for speed. If you turn their bed into their dream race car then you immediately transform their room into a place full of fun, energy and excitement. Bedtime will become an opportunity to zoom into dreams of winning a Grand Prix and racing alongside the likes of Lewis Hamilton. You can guarantee they’ll be racing to their room every night rather than running away from it. 2) Princess Carriage. This bed is fit for any little angel. Your daughter will feel like she has walked right out of a Disney film. Whether your little one wants to be Cinderella or Snow White, there’s no denying the fact that they will lo…

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