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Sneak Peak Houses - Children`s Room

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Make-up Story - Ginta Lapina (2)

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10 Quick Tips

Decorating with All-White Color

Don’t shy away from white in your interiors – 10 ways to bring into your home The last time you saw an all-white room did you feel comfortable or did you feel timid and afraid to relax? White is one of those colors that many homeowners shy away from, as they are nervous about making an all-white room feel comfortable and welcoming. White can be the most refreshing color of the spectrum. It can evoke purity, cleanliness, but also confidence and sophistication. Before you decide that your home could never “do white” look at these 10 quick tips to get a wow factor when decorating with all-white color. You may be surprised how easily comfortable white can be in your interiors. 1. Start with a white room as a blank slate: Instead of getting intimidated by white, look at white as a fresh start to do whatever you want and go wherever your creativity will take you! White rooms are a great way to find out what inspires your room. Do you have a killer view of the …

Mini Fashion

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