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Shopping For a Newborn - Recommendations

What have I used since I brought my baby home? Was it useful? What do you need?
You might be tempted to spend loads of money just because it looks adorable. Some of them you will never use, you just don`t need them.
I will make a list of things that I bought and try to explain why to and why not to buy  :)
You might find this one useful too:

Sliming Belt after Pregnancy
my choice here:

Baby Cot
my choice here:
I am very satisfied with the price and value.

Drawer Chest
similar here:
You can put the changing mat here. You don`t need to buy a changing mat table. Changing table is much more expensive and this one works very well. I am very pleased with this cheaper choice.

Baby Sleeping Bag
my choice here: 
It is a lovely product but never used it. Now that my daughter is 7 months she rolls over from side to side and this sleeping bag it`s not practical anymore. 

Changing Mat
I am very satisfied with the product. Great choice.

Bath time:
Never used it. No need for any of these, all you need is your fingers :)

 Love it. Totally recommend.

and similar here:
 Makes bath time so much easier and fun.Totally recommend.

Hooded Towel
After wash the next day is dry, no need for extra. One piece is enough.

Nail Clippers
my choice:
You might need to use it after birth. If you dare! :))

I waited months to buy this product. I was so sure that if I will leave the room I would hear my baby... eventually you wont :))
my choice here:

Great for mums :) Totally recommend.

Happy Baby, Happy Mummy! Definitely the best breast pump:
my choice here: 

Love it! Love it! and Love it! 
Totally recommend.
Also you will need: 

my choice here: 
Totally recommend.

Vtech - Sleeping Bear, Sweet Dreams 
my choice:
My baby loves it. Totally recommend.

Nasal Aspirator
my choice:
A must! Always used it during bath time :))

Newborn Bibs:
After trying more then 5 different kind of bibs I found the perfect one!
My favorite! It is nickel free to protect their skin against skin irritation. 

Lovely idea
my choice here:

There are a lot more things you need. Such as nappies and safety buds. Above I`ve mention some of the extra things I find it useful.
Enjoy Shopping!


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