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Hello and Welcome

I`ve been thinking of sharing my thoughts, pictures, emotions and opinion about so many things... I hope you will enjoy them and have fun as much as I plan to do by sharing them with you.
I will start with some pictures from about four years ago.
It all began in 2010 when I only thought of doing the blog but I still haven't done anything about it :))
Now that my life changed completely by having a baby girl everything has a different meaning, so I said to myself: I have nothing to lose by creating this project!
 What will I talk about? Subjects and areas I will try to cover?
 Well in the last picture, you might see that I was pregnant, and I was thinking of sharing this blog with my beautiful daughter, share our fashion inspiration, how we have fun, what we had learned so my life changed and many more. Thank you for being curios about it! :)


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