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Back from Holiday

I wanted to go and escape for a while... I think we all share this feeling once we have a baby.
 But it wasn't something all of a sudden, it was very well planned months before. By planning i mean my obsession and strictness with breastfeeding and once I get a obsession I am unstoppable ...I expressed my milk for 2-3 months and filled up my freezer so my baby wont eat anything else but my milk. Now that everything is prepared it`s time to call the family and get them here to babysit for a week. It`s mummy and daddy time.
We went to Ibiza... great choice, a lot of fun, great weather, great food and great places to party and visit.
 For a week we were young adults having fun. But if you still wanna breastfeed when you will arrive home, guess what you need to do every 6 hours? Yes yes....pump pump ...No, not fitness but expressing your milk. So my holiday started with breast pumping on the airplane (in the bathroom), by the pool, on the beach and in Ushuaia and DC10 ... LOL
I tought it will be overwhelming, but I was surprised to see that it was quite easy and not stressful at all, I  had my phone set up to ring every 6 hours so between thos I could disconnect all the time.

On our way:

Day 1:
Ushuaia Ants Opening Party
I was prepared for an eventually dive in, but it looked like the weather won`t agree with me.


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