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Eyebrows Fanatic

I`m truly obsessed with them: the bigger the better ;)
From Cara`s style (black) to perfect bleached. I don`t care about what color are they, I just love them, the more natural the better. Mine are not thick and I wouldn't want to have them any other way because even tough i love thicker it doesn't fit me and I think it is very important to accept what nature gave you and try not to make a big change. It may look awkward and fake. Becoming a teenager I know it would make you explore with hair color, eyebrows and destroy whatever make you unique, because how you look is not what you like, but that will pass and you will start to love who you are, that`s a sign of growing up and I love it. Since I discovered how to adjust my eyebrows it looks much better. 
Just a bit of eyeshadow (try to find a color that matches your hair) with a brush and you can fill them and fix if needed. 
I realize now how many women do it this way, although all my life I thought they are naturally "gifted".

Arizona Muse

aaand adjusted

Cara Delevigne

and adjusted

Monika Jac

and adjusted

blond - Blake Lively

blond - Gwyneth Paltrow


and not the last in line...Megan Fox

teenage time 

later on 


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