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Perfect Imperfections

Yes! I said it!
 I know we tend to love perfection.
 I am not saying this about men only, because us women we love to analyze and look at other women too, either to comment about their appearance or aspire to.
When we do like something, most of women like Angelina Jolie, perfect lips, blue eyes, long hair etc. I do realize that she is pretty, but not my kind of sexy. I find it very interesting and I am intrigued by imperfections. More close to perfection they are, more boring to me.
I prefer freckles, or bigger nose, whatever makes you unique, and I am sure that many men love it too, even tough I`m sure that you might find it hard to believe but trust me when I say that`s sexy!
A few examples below :"...all your perfect imperfections"... (as John Legend said) :D

Anna V - sexy freckles

Ashley Smith - teeth gap

Kate Bosworth - and Mila Kunis - eye colors

Flat Chest

...and I could go on and on.
My point?
No one is perfect! Neither do they.
Yes! I Love these Girls!
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