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Breastfeeding Subject!

I was so sure I want to breastfeed even before I had my baby. It was a MUST!
I heard so many things like you might not have milk, your milk might stop suddenly etc. I know now that all you need is INFORMATION.
I went to a breastfeeding class when I was pregnant and was very helpful, also I am very blessed to have my cousin who had a baby before me and she could teach me some tricks and gave me information that I needed.
What have I learned? Why should I breastfeed?
First of all, we all heard how your baby will benefit from it right? Think about how healthy it is for you and your baby:
Milk protects your baby from infections and diseases.You won`t need to spend money. Great bonding and also very rewarding and satisfying. Promotes postpartum weight loss. (You burn 500 calories/day). Reduces the risk of ovarian cancer and many more.
I really want to promote breastfeeding! I love it!
Trust me, you will have milk! After 4 days my milk started, until then I had to use the formula which made me very sad thinking that I won`t be able to feed my baby.
Now that I have milk, the fun begins:
I was in pain... Yes I was! I didn't know how to hold her, how to put her on my breast, if she is feeding, why is she falling asleep? does she eat enough? I was a mess but never thought of quiting. Now? I still breastfeed.
To Remember:
* If I would be to prepare my hospital bag today I would add nipple shields and nipple cream. If I had them with me from day 1 I wouldn't be in pain for 6 weeks. Buy nipple shields just in case and don`t forget the most important thing in the world: nipple CREAM! (I used Lansinoh) here: Lansinoh-HPA-Lanolin-Nipple-Cream
* The 6 hours Rule: Don`t let yourself without breastfeeding or expressing your milk more then 6 hours (this is for young babies only) if your breasts are full your milk supply will decrease and eventually disappear. Even if your baby will sleep all night you still need to get up and express or feed your baby. I used to put my clock at night to ring before 6 hours, now I can even stay without breastfeeding for more then 8 hours (my baby is 7 months now)
* How to store your milk? If you need to express, maybe because you went back to work or maybe you wake up during the night you can store it very easily and easy to remember! 6.6.6 ...yeah awful numbers :))
 6 Hours room temperature. 6 Days in the fridge. 6 Months in freezer. Ta daaa
* Take care of yourself and drink loads of water. I made a rule for myself to drink a glass of water after every breastfeed. I forced myself until it became a habit.
I promise you will love it! And don`t forget you get the chance to have D cup :)) for freeeee
For mums who cannot breastfeed after birth (required treatment with antibiotics etc)
I came up with this idea:
 Express your milk for 1-2 weeks (depends on your health condition) and dispose that milk. While you do it you can give your baby formula, and get back to breastfeed when you are ready. :)
My advice?
Don`t give up!

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