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I Wish I Was...

How to look appropriate your age, or why not younger?

We all have that phase in our lives when we want to make a change. But keep in mind that you might do something that would dramatically make you look older, tired or just different and I am not giving you a compliment :)
Naturally blond but u fancy a Nicole Scherzinger look? I suggest you to pass that "wanna be" phase.
You must accept who you are and try not to go extreme with colours. If you do choose to change your hair colour don`t forget to adjust everything to match that. From eyebrows to wardrobe. Try a wig first and if you do...try it without make-up!
Don`t make a change just because it`s a trend. Fashion is for everybody but doesn`t mean you should absorb it all. Take the puzzle pieces and create what you need and blend it with your personal style.
Have you asked yourself why most of celebrities look younger? Well ... beside all that money to afford special treatment there is something you can afford too. Natural look! They always dye their hair a natural colour so you would doubt them getting older. The more they try to have their old look the more they fool you with their age. You can add some highlights in your hair but don`t change too much.
Don`t chop your hair just like that. Study that problem before you could make yourself look 40.
Don`t make changes because you are bored! If you are, go buy a hat or something. You might need that hat if you do change your hair colour :)
Don`t change everything you are just because your boyfriend always loved brunettes (you are a blonde). Go find another boyfriend or make him fall in love with who you really are.
 Yes! That easy.


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