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Benefits of Having a Girl (part 2)

It`s a girl!

They might love to be around their father later on, but in the meantime let`s enjoy the present.

Mummy and Me

Cute tutu skirts all over again!

Back to sewing clothes for dolls
   Making braided hair and beautiful hairstyles

Talking about girls stuff...yes we have our own language

Nail polish and having fun in your wardrobe

Stay in pajamas all day, coloring books together (you can draw them, she can color) listening to music or audio movies or reading books.

You can do all these in a tent...home tent :)

Having fun in the mirror, singing and fooling around

Cooking together and having fun with food...

 the end she can help you with the dishes.

Skipping rope.

Going out with scooters together.

You can share your fashion sense.

Matching Clothes.

Cuddling in bed on a Sunday and watch girly animations  - Frozen here I am!

Role model.

These are just a few things that came into my mind... I might be back :D

You can go back in time and redo what you used to love.
Don`t forget to enjoy being a child once again!
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