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What is Fashion?

What is fashion?
Is it a way to express your feelings, your mood?
Is it just another excuse to show your beautiful body?
Is it a way to find yourself and feel confident?
Or is it another way to express art?
Why do we try so hard?
Since I am not a turtle and live for more than 100 years I have no idea how much women were involved, but I am pretty sure they loved being admired and wear expensive things pretty much as we do now.
These days, you definitely read a book by its cover, don`t you?
I am sure that within seconds you would classify someone just for appearances.
Ever happened to fell in love for someone just for the way they look/dress?
Just a simple answer... we sure do live in a world of Fashion and the appearance is a very important thing. :)

In the meantime...Models off Duty:


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