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Adorable Sleeping Baby Dreamscapes

California artist and mother Queenie Liao has always found inspiration in her surroundings. With the birth of her first son, Wengenn, she turned even more inward for her art. Rather than go out into the world to explore her photography, she began to explore her own dreams and fairytales and then created imaginative and gorgeous dreamscapes for her slumbering son. Take a look at these incredible photos and we dare you not to be inspired.

baby reaches for the stars
baby piano playerbaby trapeze artist
castle on a cloudSome of the fairytales are more obvious and literal than others. Here, a sleeping Wengenn becomes his own Gulliver, traveling through his dreams at tarzanLiao uses clothes, stuffed animals and household items as her brushes. Here, she even uses clothes AS brushes and Wengenn as the with bunnybaby as flowerbaby as a mousebaby on a broomstickbaby snake charmerWe're perhaps offered a peek into the future in this romantic scene with Wengenn as his own prince toy soldierbaby interviews obamaIt's not difficult to see that Liao has taken a good deal of inspiration from the baby photographers before her, including Anne Geddes.spooky baby ghostbaby in a claw machinebaby nesting dollsbaby and birdcagebaby as a lionbaby carouselbaby with booksNew stories come to Liao all the time, sometimes in the form of the storytellers themselves.
New stories come to Liao all the time, sometimes in the form of the storytellers themselves. 

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