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Sneak Peak Houses - Household Objects Shaped Like Living Beings

Instead of letting paperclips scatter across your desk, use them to give this poor porcupine some spines of his own. Magnets keep the clips ready for use, but all in one place while his little face keeps you smiling.You would never want to trust a real squirrel with your nuts (or even in your house, probably) but this pewter nutcracker is perfectly polite and positively practical.Steam vegetables without turning them into slop with this clever silicone pot lid. Just the right amount of steam can escape through the snout but the lid is still cool to the touch.Whether you want to keep with a Japanese theme or just bring some soft lighting into a room, these Koi sconces can easily do the job.Apparently hedgehogs can be very practical companions. This one serves as a mini cheese grater.In addition to being extremely cute, this bunny has scissors for ears and paperclips for a carrot. Talk about multitasking.Keep cookbooks organized while also protecting your knives and having a cutting board handy. This bull shelf is a multipurpose accessory that would be at home in any kitchen, if not in a china shop.Put a bird on it? More like put it on a bird. This playful coat rack lets you and your guests hand coats and sweaters from stylish, cute bird hooks.Rounding out the list are these self-sacrificing bird candles. Light the wick on its back for soft, beautiful light without losing the bird shape.

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